Is there a place for us…

“Contemporary Christian” fare is solo performance, non-participatory oriented, not condusive to participatory congregational singing. That makes solo performance material well suited to social media and music streaming which it dominates. Sadly, the theology associated with “Contemporary Christian” texts and, in fact, the very soloistic performance itself, are anathema to more progressive theology.

Congregational singing is a natural part of traditional corporate worship. But, traditional corporate worship these days is dominated by the mega church, MAGA crowd. Other denominations, that are progressive based, such as the one for which I work, United Church of Christ, are shrinking fast.

I’ve written a lot of religious music. It’s not hyperbole to say I’m constantly flirting with destroying every copy and recording of every such piece I’ve ever written because Christianity has become Christian Nationalism. I wish I knew if there was a place for me, as a creative professional, in the progressive spirituality in which I believe.

HERE is a taste of some my own religious music. My website is and there are links to much more there.

I wonder if there is a place for classically trained composers, performers, and lyricists of a progressive theological bent in Christianity.

Author: Hilton Kean Jones

Composer and performer, retired college music professor, lyricist.

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