Compassion (a new original hymn)

This new hymn, COMPASSION (“Just as a Nursing Mother”), is based on a sermon by the Rev. Kim Wells that may be found at

Here’s a video of the music score for COMPASSION (“Just as a Nursing Mother”) synced with an instrumental recording. Someday…someday, we’ll all be able to sing together again and I’ll be able to make a recording of the words being sung. Until then, it’s up to your imagination.To see the words more clearly, be sure to take advantage of the icon on the video that lets you make it full screen.

If you’d like to print out a copy of the hymn to play at home, here’s a link to a PDF of it: COMPASSION HYMN – Score. You’re welcome to print it out for you own use at home.

Here’s the text:

Just as a nursing mother feeds
The growing child upon her breast,
The soul sustaining way of Christ
Gives solace, succor, life refreshed.

And yet, today, their spirits starve
They want to grow and thrive in truth.
They know not what it is or where
It’s found that healing hearts produce.

Just as a nursing mother …

And sadly, faith is often seen
As offered in a selfish way.
It’s offered with a hidden catch:
Salvation giv’n but you must pay.

Just as a nursing mother …

It is no wonder we are shy
Of telling of Christ’s love content.
But, we must gently share our lives
For we have found soul’s hunger quenched.

Just as a nursing mother…

Note: COMPASSION is the tune name. Hymns have tune names that are used in a specific index in the back of hymnals. “Just as a Nursing Mother” is the first line of the hymn. There is a different, specific index just for first lines of hymns. There are other indexes, such as the metric index. The metric scheme of this hymn is which is four lines iambic tetrameter, doubled.

Below is an earlier hymn I wrote based on a sermon of the Rev. Kim Wells. I’ve used two different musical settings for those lyrics, one the Irish tune, “Down by the Sally Gardens,” the other an original anthem. (I think I like the “Sally Gardens” setting better for congregational singing!) But, here’s just my lyrics:

I find the thoughts contained in Rev. Wells’ sermon inspirational and providing novel thoughts and perspectives.

Organ and Choir

There are some recent additions to my website in the Organ and Choir listing. If you get a chance, please listen, especially to the newer organ pieces. Of course, if you know any choir directors or organists who might be interesting in any of this, please forward them the link to this post. I’d love to get some performances.


Twilight Peal (organ) MP3 SCORE 2011
Mystic Procession (organ) MP3 SCORE 2012
Sortie (organ) MP3 SCORE 2007
Arabesque (organ) MP3 SCORE 1982
Carol (organ) MP3 SCORE 1980
Siciliano (organ) MP3 SCORE 1980
Cantabile (organ) MP3 SCORE 1980
Nine Seasonal Voluntaries
  1. Angels We Have Heard On High
  2. God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen
  3. Good Christian Men Rejoice
  4. Lo How A Rose Er Blooming
  5. O Come All Ye Faithful
  6. O Come O Come Emmanuel
  7. O Little Town Of Bethlehem
  8. Cherry Tree Carol
  9. What Child Is This
    (score available from Concordia Pub. Co.)
(organ) MP3 SCORE 1985
Festival Prelude
  1. Mov 1
  2. Mov 2
  3. Mov 3
(organ) MP3 SCORE 1982
3 Songs for 4 Composers
  1. Igor
  2. Erik
  3. Claude & Maurice
(organ) MP3 SCORE 1976

NOTE: Choral recordings may differ slightly
from scores because of later editing. Both 4-part
and simpler 2-part versions are available for most anthems.

O Loving Founder Of The Stars (SATB) MP3 SCORE 2015
I Look to Thee in Every Need (2-part mixed) MP3 SCORE 2014
The Brightest and Best of the Stars of the Morning (Unison with EZ 4-part mixed) MP3 SCORE 2014
The Lost (2-part mixed) MP3 SCORE 2014
The River’s Song (2-part mixed) MP3 SCORE 2013
All Bless the One (2-part mixed) MP3 SCORE 1993
Be Still And Know (Psalm 46) SATB (or TTBB)) MP3 SCORE 1993
Have This Love (SATB) MP3 SCORE 1993
Bound by Love (SATB) MP3 SCORE 1993
Follow Me (SATB) MP3 SCORE 1990
Happy Are the Lowly Poor (2-part mixed) MP3 SCORE 1990
In You We Live (SATB) MP3 SCORE 1990
As A Doe Longs (Psalm 42-43) SATB) MP3 SCORE 1990
Psalm 40 (May We See Your Radiant Face) 2-part mixed) MP3 SCORE 1990
Kol Mishp’chot Haahdamah (SATB) MP3 SCORE 1986
Beloved, Let Us Love (SATB w/soprano & baritone solos) MP3 SCORE 1980
Music for Eucharist; Rite II (unison congregation) MP3 SCORE 1980
Three Hymn Tune Anthems (SATB) MP3 SCORE 1968

New anthem

I’m working on a new set of anthems, all extremely easy, all on American Transcendentalist poems. These texts work very well for liberal congregations of any denomination, whether Protestant, Roman Catholic, Judaism, etc., in that they are theistic but not necessarily in an Abrahamic tradition, which also makes them appropriate for denominations such as Unitarian-Universalist or Unity. This is the first of this set of anthems.

I Look to Thee in Ev’ry Need

music by Hilton Kean Jones
words by Samuel Longfellow

2-part mixed w/divisi women

(Click to open PDF.)

The River’s Song for 2-part mixed chorus

The River’s Song
words and music by Hilton Kean Jones
2-part mixed
Very easy 2-part mixed. Appropriate for services with ecological themes, this anthem uses the literary device of female personification of the planet (the Gaia Principle)–piano or organ accompaniment. A more difficult, a cappella SATB, version is also available
The full score is available on the choral sheet music page; a screenshot of the opening page is below.

The Lost for 2-part mixed chorus

The Lost
words and music by Hilton Kean Jones
2-part mixed
An easy, romantic, blended anthem with a strong Celtic feel and an original text based on the three parables of the lost (the shepherd who seeks the sheep that wandered off, the woman who lost her coin, and the prodigal son), with a different twist on the stories–piano or organ accompaniment.
The full score is available on the choral sheet music page; a screenshot of the opening page is below.

Bound by Love for SATB

Bound by Love
scriptural paraphrase and music by Hilton Kean Jones
An easy and triumphal, traditional sounding, festival anthem with a unison refrain that would be appropriate for congregational and/or an additional, unison choir participation–piano or organ accompaniment. Based on Romans 8-11; the expression, “Abba, father” has been replaced by “Mother, Father, Creator.” See for full score.

All Bless the Lamb for 2-part mixed chorus

All Bless the Lamb
scriptural paraphrase and music by Hilton Kean Jones
2-part mixed
A very easy and energetic anthem with a text based on Daniel 3:52-90. Works with any size choir, small or large, and with either piano or organ accompaniment; there is an optional treble obligato instrument part, performed in the demo by the organ.
The full score is available on the choral sheet music page; a screenshot of the opening page is below.