Music for Thanksgiving

If you’d like some music to accompany stuffing the turkey here’s two playlists…same music on both, just that one is just audio (SoundCloud) and the other video (YouTube).

SoundCloud Thanksgiving Music playlist

YouTube Thanksgiving Music playlist

Compassion (a new original hymn)

This new hymn, COMPASSION (“Just as a Nursing Mother”), is based on a sermon by the Rev. Kim Wells that may be found at

Here’s a video of the music score for COMPASSION (“Just as a Nursing Mother”) synced with an instrumental recording. Someday…someday, we’ll all be able to sing together again and I’ll be able to make a recording of the words being sung. Until then, it’s up to your imagination.To see the words more clearly, be sure to take advantage of the icon on the video that lets you make it full screen.

If you’d like to print out a copy of the hymn to play at home, here’s a link to a PDF of it: COMPASSION HYMN – Score. You’re welcome to print it out for you own use at home.

Here’s the text:

Just as a nursing mother feeds
The growing child upon her breast,
The soul sustaining way of Christ
Gives solace, succor, life refreshed.

And yet, today, their spirits starve
They want to grow and thrive in truth.
They know not what it is or where
It’s found that healing hearts produce.

Just as a nursing mother …

And sadly, faith is often seen
As offered in a selfish way.
It’s offered with a hidden catch:
Salvation giv’n but you must pay.

Just as a nursing mother …

It is no wonder we are shy
Of telling of Christ’s love content.
But, we must gently share our lives
For we have found soul’s hunger quenched.

Just as a nursing mother…

Note: COMPASSION is the tune name. Hymns have tune names that are used in a specific index in the back of hymnals. “Just as a Nursing Mother” is the first line of the hymn. There is a different, specific index just for first lines of hymns. There are other indexes, such as the metric index. The metric scheme of this hymn is which is four lines iambic tetrameter, doubled.

Below is an earlier hymn I wrote based on a sermon of the Rev. Kim Wells. I’ve used two different musical settings for those lyrics, one the Irish tune, “Down by the Sally Gardens,” the other an original anthem. (I think I like the “Sally Gardens” setting better for congregational singing!) But, here’s just my lyrics:

I find the thoughts contained in Rev. Wells’ sermon inspirational and providing novel thoughts and perspectives.

Midweek Hymn (medley): NCH #459, 441, 444

This is the kind of music I was raised on. I still have a strong affinity for it, even though I’m classically trained, I do love Country Music.

Elgar’s NIMROD

The 11th hour, of the 11th day, of the 11th month is fast approaching. For Remembrance Day, Elgar’s NIMROD.

Sine Nomine with trumpet descants
I think I wrote both the trumpet descants, but I honestly can’t remember. For a working church musician, stuff like that gets lost in the shuffle and is lucky to even get written down somewhere scribbled on the back of a church bulletin. I know the last one is mine, but not sure of the middle one because it’s older, the first appearance of the trumpet is just the tune, of course. This track was for a video I assembled for my church job’s online devotional this weekend.

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