Keyboard duos

I’ve been writing a bunch of original pieces (and dozens of arrangements of public domain folk tunes) for what I think might be a combination of instruments that would be attractive to private piano teachers of intermediate and beginner students, especially beginners who only have access to a keyboard. 

They’re for piano (the lead instrument, easy intermediate — may be acoustic piano or electronic) and electronic keyboard (primarily string sounds) in a very easy supporting role. The primary instructional goal is ensemble playing for keyboardists. This is something pianists/keyboardists need to learn but is often neglected but is an eventual, valuable professional skill.

Scores are available for perusal and purchase at SheetMusicPlus at these links (there are score samples and audio & video media):

Garden of Stars:
The World of Starlit Butterflies:

Garden of Stars (live perform video)

I’m working at getting videos of me actually playing some of the recent pieces. Then, as I go along, I hope to start playing catch-up and record videos some of the older pieces. In my 77, soon to be 78, years I’ve written hours of music. I know I’ll never make videos of it all, but at least some of it, maybe…pieces that work for piano.

St. Columba (revised, free score)

Wouldn’t ya know it: someone just now bought my previous version of my arrangement. Whoever you are, thank you! But, I hope you see this post so you can download this revision. I really do think it’s better and more playable.

If you have a student who you think would enjoy playing this piece it can be purchased from my composer page at either SheetMusicPlus or SheetMusicDirect. (Those probably won’t have be listed until sometime next week…it always takes them a few days to review.) The audio can be streamed for free at

“O God, Our Help in Ages Past” with multiple descants

A basic skill for any organist/church musician is composing hymn descants. Descants are countermelodies that make the singing of the hymn tune more enjoyable for the congregation…they allow the singers to enjoy the tension of counterpoint at a visceral level.

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