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Books about music

The Eastman School of Music Sibley Library is possibly the largest music library in the world, rivaled by maybe only the Library of Congress and the other world class state conservatories (Moscow, Paris, London). Despite its size I remember wandering around it as a… Continue Reading “Books about music”

Olivier Messiaen’s “Technique of my Musical Language”

Books by historically significant composers on composing are few and those that do exist are uneven in their approach. My favorite, probably, is Olivier Messiaen‘s book, Technique of my Musical Language. You probably won’t find it for sale anywhere and if you do, it will… Continue Reading “Olivier Messiaen’s “Technique of my Musical Language””

Who You Were Meant to Be

Who You Were Meant to Be A Guide to Finding or Recovering Your Life’s Purpose Lindsay C. Gibson, Psy.D New Horizon Press Far Hills, NJ Copyright @2000 Lindsay C. Gibson You may wonder why I begin a blog about being a composer with a book… Continue Reading “Who You Were Meant to Be”

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