All Things Bright and Beautiful

During Lent, Lakewood UCC is covering a different saintly figure each week, and each is from a different country. Tomorrow’s country is England. This song (an old video of mine) is part of tomorrow’s service as is Turtle Dove (my newest video) posted last week.

The Turtle Dove

This based on a tune from Southern Harmony, and Musical Companion, complied by William Walker, first published in 1835. This setting is arrangement and performed by Lakewood UCC music director, Hilton Kean Jones and is part of a digital album to be released later this year.

Where Charity and Love Prevail ~ Benoit

Earlier this week, I posted my composition based on the plainsong, Ubi Caritas. The Dominican monk, Dom Paul Benoit, O.S.B. ( composed a famous hymn on his translation of the words to Ubi Caritas. It is sung in many churches and is one of my favorites. This is my arrangement of his hymn.

Ubi Caritas

Another in a lead-up to Valentine’s Day. This piece is part of the set, “Roma,” from my album CANTUS. The translation of the text of the chant can be found at

Come Down, O Love Divine

#289 in the New Century Hymnal, you can also see representative text at

Basse et Dessus de Trompette – Clérambault

Because we’re moving to a different format of Sunday services that is part online part in-persons (which is outdoors at present) and that follows a more traditional service order, unlike our older Corona Sabbath posts which had its own unique form, The new form requires more videos a week and I’m posting the ones for the coming Sunday service throughout the week prior to each Sunday. Occasionally, some of these videos are much older–such as this one–but most, like the ones the last few days and tomorrow, are brand new. Eventually, they will be all new ones.

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