String Quartet

Another sheet music listing, my string quartet. The performance is a very advanced student group from the former East Germany. I thought they did a terrific job on the piece. Frankly, it didn’t think it was possible. They got the savage, aggressive character that I wanted perfectly too! Such passion!

You can listen to all four movements for free at the links below and see the first 5 pages of the score. If you’d like a freebie PDF of the complete thing, drop me a msg.

Author: Hilton Kean Jones

Composer and performer, retired college music professor, lyricist.

One thought on “String Quartet”

  1. Of all your music, I think this is the only one I never heard before! Fantastic! ~ ~ ~ Lucy L. Jones, Ph.D., LLC Books & Profile Author Page Blog District 14 ACS Branch Chief

    Let yourself be silently drawn

    by the pull of what you really love.

      * ~ Rumi*

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