Learn with Lucy!

My sister, Lucy, is a Ph. D. in Psychology (résumé) and author. In addition to an earlier on-going online course she offers for personal enrichment, “Growing Older with Gusto!” she’s offering a new on-going online course in which she combines her talents as an author with her psychological insights, “Feral Fables.”

You can learn more about that course and others at Learn with Lucy. Here’s a quote from that page about the new course:

For centuries, women and men have sought guidance and counsel to help them in processes of change, healing, and transformation. The most popular and the most universal of the wisdom traditions is telling stories, both as an art and as a way of learning about life.

The Feral Fables are unique stories of transformation that are not based on a particular ethnicity or cultural tradition, but rather draw from what is universal in each of the various traditions.

Most often in these stories, you will recognize someone or something that you have encountered before. You can receive the message of the story on an intuitive level. In this course, we will explore six of the fables in Feral Fables and their meaning for your life.

You will be permitted to drop your persona and rediscover who you really are. This e-course will assist in opening your heart and mind to new and often strange possibilities, ideas that come from that deep, wild, or feral self.

Lucy L. Jones Ph.D. LLC

In addition to more info on all the courses she offers, that page, Learn with Lucy, has a link you can follow to register for that course and the others.

I encourage you to give Learn with Lucy a try. Having read her books and knowing as her little brother, I think you’ll learn a lot, and enjoy doing so.

Author: Hilton Kean Jones

Composer and performer, retired college music professor, lyricist.

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