Busts made of cork spinning slowly through the air

I’ve started a new suite of pieces, The Geography of Dreams. At various times in my life, I’ve kept a handheld tape-recorder in bed and recorded dreams immediately after they happened. Even before I started doing that, I was aware that certain “places” kept showing up in my dreams. Eventually, I got so curious about this, I drew a map of this dreamworld. It has an actual geography!

So…this suite will portray some of those places and dream-events that happened in them. So far, there’s only this one movement: Busts made of cork spinning slowly through the air — the title (and dream) has sort of a René Magritte feel to it, doesn’t it?!

If you’d like to download the score, HERE is the PDF.

Symphonic Waltz

Below is the Soundcloud widget for Symphonic Waltz, a short, stand-alone, “overture” of the sort every composer is told they should write for orchestra because no modern orchestra will play anything longer than 8 minutes by a living composer. So…here’s my obligatory 8 minute piece. I like it, even if the orchestra board of the local amateur orchestra didn’t. They demanded that I remove their name from the dedication or they would sue me. So, I removed their name. What an honor. Isn’t there some joke with a punch line like that (“I’ve been thrown out of better bars…” or something.)

HERE is a link to a piano condensation of the piece. I think (I’m not absolutely sure) this condensed score is in agreement with the final orchestral score. It’s “close enough” that you can see what’s going on, which is the only reason I’ve provided it.

I just discovered that I’d already posted this before! Ah well…here’s the link to that one–it has a link to the full orchestral score: http://hiltonkeanjones.com/2013/04/06/symphonic-waltz/ This post has a link to a piano condesation which may be easier reading for those interested in how the notes go.