Tales of the Laughing Wizards

Admittedly, these are outright, unabashedly commercial pieces aimed at a specific audience, namely the good listeners of radioreddit.com. I’d uploaded some of my short pieces for piano there and surprisingly they’re getting repeat airplay and upvotes every day (so I know it’s not just my friends).

The piano pieces have a “classical” tag on radioreddit. These electronic pieces will have an “electronic” tag. I’ll be very curious to follow the daily stats on them.

Should you happen by radioreddit and care to check some of my pieces out, my nom de plume there is The Linnet. The piano pieces are in rotation now (usually on their “random” channel, but increasingly on the “main” channel). However, it usually takes a week or so before new uploads are approved, so it’ll be a few days from this posting before their getting airplay there.

The order of pieces in this set is important–more like a suite than just a collection of separate pieces.

PS: Yes, three pieces already on SoundCloud under different titles were renamed and reworked and made part of this set. I’ve deleted the hiltonkeanjones.com posts that linked to them.

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